Anti-coincidence PIPS Detectors

Application Fields

◆ Environmental radiation monitoring

◆ Aerosols measurement

◆ Charged particle detection


Our company has designed and developed a high-performance anti-coincidence PIPS detector, which is used to filter out the influence of gamma rays in natural background and achieve accurate measurement of alpha and beta rays. This detector integrates two PIPS detectors into the same housing structure. The front-end PIPS detector responds to alpha, beta, and gamma rays in the sample and the environment, while the back-end detector only responds to gamma rays. Alpha and beta energy spectra are obtained through the anti-coincidence measurement method.
This detector is mainly used for environmental radioactive aerosol measurement, and the measurement of alpha and beta total activity, etc.

  • Thin dead layer thickness
  • Full-depleted working mode
  • Good energy resolution
  • Wide temperature range, stable signal output at -10°C ~ 50°C
  • Standard SMA transmission interface