Continuous Air Monitoring (CAM) PIPS Detector

Application Fields

◆ Environmental radiation monitoring

◆ Aerosols measurement

◆ Measurement of radon and its isotopes


The continuous air monitoring (CAM) system is used for long-term and continuous monitoring of radioactive particles in the air inside and around nuclear facilities. CAM type PIPS detectors are used for alpha and beta counting or energy spectrum analysis on the filters in the system, so the detectors are required to operate under uncontrolled atmospheric conditions and external lighting conditions. The CAM PIPS detector produced by our company has aluminum and protective coatings on the front surface. The aluminum coating allows the detector to be operated in ambient light and the protective coating provides mechanical protection for the aluminum layer. The total entrance window thickness is less than 2µm equivalent silicon. The active area of the detector ranges from 300-620mm2, and the bias voltage can be set from +15V to +30V without a separate high voltage power supply module. For alphas, the detectors can operate with bias voltage as low as 15 V. With 70 V bias, full depletion is achieved which ensures uniform response.