Alpha counter——DW-Rn-2020

Application Fields

◆ Measurement of radon and its isotopes

◆ Measurement of radon in the air of the home environment

◆ Areas requiring long-term air radon monitoring


DW-Rn-2020 alpha counter is designed based on PIPS detector. The α particles generated by the free diffusion of radon gas and its decay products are collected by the detector, and the weak output signal is processed by the back-end circuit for counting. The average radon concentration is calculated based on the proportional relationship between the pulse count per unit time and the radon concentration.
The alpha counter can work independently and record measurement data after power on. The sampling time interval is 3 hours, and it can store up to 3000 measurement points. The system uses low power supply and has ultra-low power consumption, which is suitable for long-term air radon monitoring.

  • Advanced detector manufacturing technology
  • Insensitive to humidity
  • Low voltage power supply, ultra low power consumption
  • Low noise, strong anti-interference capability