PIPS Detectors with Integrated Preamplifier

Application Fields

◆ Environmental radiation monitoring

◆ Aerosols measurement

◆ Measurement of radon and its isotopes

◆ Portable radiation detection equipment


Our company has introduced a pre-type PIPS detector that integrates the PIPS detector and the pre-charge sensitive amplifier circuit into the same detector using a special packaging process. The entire design is sophisticated and robust and can be used for alpha and beta counting or energy spectrum measurements. The detector only needs to provide the necessary working power, and it can directly output voltage pulse signals that are connected to the back-end main feedback loop.

  •  Low power consumption detectors that can be used for portable devices
  • Good energy resolution and high signal-to-noise ratio
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • The detector has pre-set mounting holes, which makes it easy to assemble