Static Radon Detector —— RNDLTA Series

Application Fields

◆ Measurement of radon and its isotopes

◆ Measurement of radon in the air of the home environment

◆ Areas requiring long-term air radon monitoring


This module is designed with a gas sampling chamber, a PIPS detector, and a charge-sensitive amplification circuit. A high voltage power supply is added in the sampling chamber. The positively charged ions produced by the decay of 218Po in radon are adsorbed onto the surface of the PIPS detector under the action of an electric field. This detector can well distinguish alpha particles of different energies. The proportional relationship between the pulse count per unit time and the radon concentration can be used to determine the radon concentration in the chamber.

  • Advanced detector manufacturing process, the detector surface is firm and wipeable
  • The insensitivity of the measuring system to humidity
  • Used to measure instantaneous and average radon concentration
  • Low power consumption, low noise, strong anti-interference ability